Two girlies who dream of flying, but more usually end up scrambling, giggling, plotting and drinking tea. Here’s a quick introduction…

Describe yourself in one sentence

Jenni – I’m the kind of person who sees a sign saying “wet paint” and has to touch it just to check…

Becky – I’m a Becky.

What makes you happy?

Becky – The sea, the sky, the mountains (well reminded Jenni – and smaller rocks too), starry nights, playing outdoors in nice places, my amazing friends, music, dancing, sunshine, cake, beer, mango, jalapenos, animals, silliness, toys, mischief, getting muddy, books and films that make me think, not knowing what is round the corner, ice cream, cold gin and tonic on a hot day… + a lot of other things!

Jenni – the smell of coconuts, beautiful rocks (particularly for scrambling on), the sun on the sea and succeeding at something I’ve never managed to do before. And being inspired by my friends. And floating about on a paraglider high above the earth 🙂

Most annoying thing in the world?

Jenni – frustrated expectations and people who say they’ll do one thing and do something else.

Becky – Being stuck inside on a sunny day/ dodgy van headgaskets

How do your friends describe you?

Becky – Cat said the other day that I’m a girl of two extremes (I’m either roughing it or enjoying the high life).  I’m probably also noted for moments of quite spectacular vagueness and being generally quite enthusiastic.

Jenni – I love it when friends say something I’ve said or done inspires them. I think I’ve also recently been described as determined, caring and a little bit hyper…


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